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American states and cities like New York, Texas, California, San Francisco are perfect locations for people to start building their American dream. Every year millions of people migrate to the USA to start new lives in the country. But another major chunk of international visitors to the United States are simply tourists visiting for short periods of time.

These tourists consume a wide variety of travel related services available in the country. The travel and tourism sector plays a big role in the American economy as a revenue earner and employment provider. Now a new avenue of this sector is also opening up with the growing prevalence of online travel portal businesses.

Travel Portal Development Company in USA

Trip Mega Mart is one of the world’s leading travel technology providers. They provide white label travel portals that are customized for individual business entities. White label travel portals are pre-built websites with various travel related functions already built into them. These are cheaper and easier to procure than a brand-new website that needs to be developed by skilled software coders.

Trip Mega Mart B2B and B2C travel portals have GDS flight booking system. Trip Mega Mart uses the services of top grade of API suppliers to collect data in real time from various airlines. Customers on the travel portal see ticket prices and ticket availability from various airline carriers that get updated every few seconds. This allows customers to get confirmed ticket bookings through the travel portal itself without having to individually visit any airline websites.

Trip Mega Mart portals also provides hotel booking engines and car rental engines and other similar features depending on client requirements. Customers pay for all services on Trip Mega Mart portals with the help of a native payment gateway system. This system processes transactions very quickly without compromising on customer safety and data protection. Trip Mega Mart portals are also designed for quick and easy integration with third-party payment portals so that customers can get the widest variety of payment options.

Other features for travel technology solutions for USA travel agents

But just booking engines and payment portals are not enough to start a travel business from home in USA. Trip Mega Mart portals are developed with strong backend code to sustain heavy traffic volume. The website does not glitch or slow-down even when there are thousands of visitors to the site all at once.

White label solutions for travel partners also need to focus on offering maximum compatibility. International customers use a variety of devices and browsers to make their travel related purchases. Trip Mega Mart solves this problem by providing portals that are optimized for mobile/tablet/computer/laptop and for all kinds of popular browser applications.

Another major advantage of Trip Mega Mart portals is the fact that they are fully scalable from a local scale to an international scale. This means that a website that only offers their services to local/regional clients at present can always expand their operations to serve customers worldwide. The choice depends on the business owner.

Trip Mega Mart B2C/B2B travel booking portal development is also sensitive to the post-delivery needs of client business owners. So, every website has a large number of admin access controls to make minor changes on the live website. These changes do not require making any manual modifications to the software code.

How to start a travel portal and make money online?

White label travel portals are like fully built business plans that have all service functionalities built into them. But in order to utilize these plans to their full capacity, business owners need to make use of careful customization and planned marketing.

All Trip Mega Mart white label portals are delivered after customization with a business’s individual branding. If a business owner wishes they can also pay for additional changes to the website design in terms of the fonts or colors or layout. The point of such customizations is to give each white label portal its own signature look. This uniqueness makes it stand out from other portals and helps the business build brand awareness.

Business owners who purchase white label websites only have to focus on driving traffic to their website through proper advertising. The rest of the service quality is already looked after by Trip Mega Mart. Trip Mega Mart designers ensure that every white label portal has a very user-friendly intuitive interface that can be used by all categories of customers.

White label travel portal cost- development, design and maintenance

Trip Mega Mart white label travel portals are very reasonably priced as per industry standards. They are of course much cheaper than setting up traditional physical travel agencies.

Trip Mega Mart offers a number of different pricing plans in the USA, each plan with its own set of features and basic customizations. Clients can pay for minor additions and subtractions in features. The cost for adding travel agent portals to travel agency portals is also affordable.

But customers have to pay an annual fee of 25% of their original website plan. This cost covers maintenance, payment to the API supplier and other portal upkeep features.

Trip Mega Mart makes it simple, easy and affordable to become a travel business owner in the USA. Entrepreneurs can use a white label portal as the start of a successful and profitable business operation that requires very low initial investment. If you also want to follow on a similar path then make a call to the Trip Mega Mart consultants today to get a quotation for your business plan.

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