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Technological innovations and the need for convenience have brought travel portals to the forefront. When planning to start online travel agency business in USA, you cannot leave travel portals out of your plan.

Craze for travelling to the USA has always been high, owing to the great variety of experiences that the country is capable of providing. Destinations like Georgia, Nevada, California, New York, Washington, Arizona, Illinois, Texas, Carolina, and Chicago find tourists who come from far away places to rejoice in the beauty of the country. But unlike the earlier days, travelers today prefer fast-paced booking so that they can focus on their tour. Travel portals, therefore, are an indispensable tool.

Top Benefits of Travel Portal for Travel Business

Travel portals work as an open marketplace that connects agents with potential customers in the most effective way. The portals are platforms where travel agents can sell products to end customers, other business providers, or to both. Being accessible on the internet, travel portals are capable of bringing in more customers as well as revenue. There are a lot of benefits of using portals for your travel business.

  • Time efficient - Conducting business on travel portals means you can achieve all tasks within a short time. Be it launching your business, collaborating with airline suppliers for travel agents in USA, gaining customers, or resolving queries, travel portals can expedite all things. If you hire a white label travel portal provider company like Trip Mega Mart, you can even save time on building your own website.
  • Brand value - By enhancing customer experiences, travel portals add value to your brand name. You can gain recognition among travelers easily with portals. Letting customers buy products instantly and communicating without hassles can have a great impact on them about your company.

Administration - Travel portals simplify the administration process by automating functions such as processing of bookings, notifying customers, accepting payments, and resolving customer queries. When you assign your portal development task to experts like Trip Mega Mart, you can let a majority of your workloads take a backseat.

White Label Travel Portal Cost

The cost of seeking white label travel solution for travel partners depends on the features that you add to your travel portal as well as the company you choose for your project.


One of the cost determining factors is the type of domain you opt for. The cost of B2B travel booking portal development will differ from B2C. There are many aspects that are unique to these travel portals. For instance, you might not need online booking facilities on your travel portal if you opt for a B2B domain.

Offline and Online Booking

While white label solutions for travel B2C & B2B booking engine will allow you to accept online booking from travelers, you may wish to provide customers with offline booking facilities. This will require you to be available on offline mode for accepting bookings. You will incur additional expenses for such services.

Direct Cancellation Request

When you design your travel portal with professionals like Trip Mega Mart, you get the option of letting customers place cancellation requests directly on your travel portal. This means customers can receive an instant update on their request status without having to contact the service provider separately. Features like this are time saving and beneficial for service providers too as they can also manage cancellations right from the travel portal.


Many travel portals are built with the feature of sending notifications to customers. The notification can be for booking confirmation, cancellation confirmation, booking details, upcoming deals, best prices, and many more. Sending notifications can allow you to keep your customers updated about their purchases. Companies such as Trip Mega Mart that offer online travel portal & booking engine development solution to agents can help you integrate this feature on your travel portal.

Mobile Friendly Interface

It is important for travel portals to have a user-friendly interface that works well on smartphones. Travelers these days make most of their bookings on the go. Accessing your portal from desktops might not always be possible. So, you must be able to provide the option of making reservations from remote locations. But addition of this feature will contribute to the white label travel portal cost.


Portal developers such as Trip Mega Mart offer customization facilities to agents. You can amend the portal design and features as per your company needs. You may opt for certain integrations that are more useful for your business than what is pre-integrated to the travel portal. Customization helps in personalizing the travel portal while maintaining the cost efficiency. 

These are some of the factors that will decide the cost of conducting your business with a travel portal. You can find good deals with different companies. However, be sure not to compromise on the quality of the portal as an inefficient platform will only hinder your progress in the long run.

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