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The tourism sector in the USA serves international and domestic travelers alike, by the millions. By using the services of Trip Mega Mart travel portal development company in USA, a travel agency can serve these customer segments.

Visitors from around the world visit this vast and exciting country for various reasons. Leveraging a travel portal solution in USA, built by Trip Mega Mart, a travel agency can become a gateway to USA tours for curious travelers.

It could be sightseeing tours to New York or Los Angeles, seminars in California, conferences in Alabama, winter events in Alaska, sporting events, musical concerts, education etc.

As much as international tourists look for travel services, so do residents of USA.Trip Mega Mart specializes in white label travel portal development for travel agencies in USA. So that any travel agency can service international and domestic tourists alike, from the same portal.

A travel agency can use the services of this company’s travel portal development and its advantages for online travel business to start online travel agency business in USA.

Do visitors to the US use a travel website or travel portal?

Most visitors are looking for information, education, training, resources, guidance, and assistance. They are looking for a credible source that they can rely on. They want virtual assistance, a number to call on, a postal address, a reference, a person with whom they can check with on travel details and so on.

A travel website of a travel agency can fit into this requirement of travelers to USA perfectly. Trip Mega Mart can build such a travel portal for travel agents in USA. One that assists any travel agency’s plan for growing travel business in USA.

The travel website can be a source of information. It is helpful especially for first time visitors. USA is a free country all right, but it’s a regulated country. Anyone planning to start travel business from home in USA has this huge opportunity in this regard – by being a source of updated and current information. Especially when it comes to rules.

The travel website can be a source of guidance. Many people from across the world do not have enough information on where to go in the USA, things to do in the USA, places to visit in the USA. Even their local unregistered travel agencies do not have this information. All these visitors would know would be names of American cities and states such as Boston, Florida, Massachusetts etc. that are popular across the globe. They would visit these cities, spend all their time there, and come back to their countries, never actually exploring the best aspects of the USA.

What kind of features can a travel website have for travelers to the USA?


A booking service is common. But a travel agency can do more than just providing its own booking gateway. The travel agency can integrate services from other travel agents and travel agencies. The booking module can then be a versatile one.

Travelers use it to book flights, accommodations, select travel services, and transact online with numerous third-party service providers. Trip Mega Mart can build this type of solution. An online travel portal & booking engine development solution can be built specifically for a travel agency’s unique requirements.

Car rentals and transportation

There are way too many car rentals, bike rental, chopper rental, boat rental, or even cruise rental services in the USA. A travel agency can be a differentiator here by using travel portal development and its advantages for online travel business.

The travel agency can verify, classify, validate, and integrate all or selections of these travel service providers into the travel agency’s travel portal. Travelers can use the travel website to use the services of the integrated service provider.

Accommodation services

Although accommodation booking services exist, a travel agency can add more personalization to this service. The travel agency can build a module that allows travelers to search from a vast variety of accommodation options. Travelers could be given tips, walkthroughs, guidance, places of interest nearby, and such information to make an informed choice.

By providing such differentiators, a travel agency’s accommodation services will be superior to others. One of the factors what makes Trip Mega Mart the best travel portal development company is its custom software development service. Using this company’s capabilities is how to start a travel portal and make money online. There is no need to reinvent the wheel by learning how to make a travel website or using another company’s unreliable and unproven travel portal development services.

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