How to Choose White Label Solutions for travel B2C & B2B Booking Engine

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B2B and B2C travel portal solutions are needed for the travel industry. That’s why Trip Mega Mart is chosen by businesses and travel agencies as their preferred travel portal development company in USA. B2B travel portal solutions are needed for travel agents, tour companies, and tour operators. B2C travel portal solutions are needed for travelers. It is also a travel portal where businesses sell travel products and services to travelers.

What is a travel B2B booking engine?

This type of booking engine is exclusively for travel operators. Trip Mega Mart specializes in such white label travel portal development for travel agencies in USA. It is designed to allow travel agents fast access to travel products and services required by customers. The booking engine can be web-based or a mobile-app. Using the booking engine, travel agents can search for products and services on behalf of their customers.

Travel agents will have GUI (Graphical User Interface) based functionality. Via the GUI built by Trip Mega Mart for travel agents wishing to start online travel agency business in USA, such travel operators can search for a wide variety of services and book them easily. They can manage all reservations and associated processes using the control panel. They can delegate responsibilities to sub-agents or other travel operators.

A travel B2B booking engine also allows to book services, flights, accommodations, and reservations with other travel agencies. A travel agency can use a customized booking engine on its B2B travel portal to interact with its business partners. The booking engine can facilitate transactions between vendors and suppliers. Trip Mega Mart can build such a travel portal solution in USA. The travel portal for travel agents in USA will help them in growing travel business in USA.

With Trip Mega Mart travel technology solution for USA travel agents, it is easy to start travel business from home in USA. Using the online travel portal & booking engine development solution built by this company is how to start a travel portal and make money online.

What is a travel B2C booking engine?

A travel B2C booking engine is used by travel portals to provide services directly to travelers. The end user of this booking engine can search for accommodations, hotels, flights, motels, tours, transfers, and travel packages. A global booking engine can allow customers from around the globe to book travel services. Using Trip Mega Mart travel portal development and its advantages for online travel business is how to make a travel website with such features.

The B2C booking engine is expected to have a self-explanatory user interface. The booking engine will also have a high number of integrations. It can also interact with multiple other systems to fetch updated data. The data could be related to promotions, offers, discounts of airfare, seasons specials, and loyalty redemptions.

The B2C booking engine could also have an adaptive user interface and navigation. The user interface can adapt to the skill and knowledge level of the user. Depending on the computer savvy-ness of the user, the UI can adapt accordingly.

The B2C booking engine can also be mobile friendly. It can be a mobile app. It can also be cloud based. This means it is accessible from the web and mobile. A B2C booking engine should allow more than just flight, train, bus, bike, and accommodation booking. It should also allow booking of niche tours, package tours, cross country tours, guide services, spa and health treatments, gym instructors, doctors etc.

How to Choose White Label Solutions for travel B2C & B2B Booking Engine

What makes Trip Mega Mart the best travel portal development company is that it builds B2B and B2C travel portal booking engines. A white label solution for travel B2C booking engine and travel B2B booking engine should have the following characteristics:

Integration ready

The solution should support vast number of integrations. The solution should also have several out-of-the-box integrations. This is one of the top benefits of travel portal for travel business. Integrations underline the importance of B2C travel portal development.

User friendly

Whether it is a B2B or B2C travel portal, having an adaptive, user-role specific interface that is navigable and self-explanatory is highly desirable. Any booking engine module or solution should have a great user experience and user interface. This is one of the main benefits of white label travel portal from an expert white label travel portal development company. Not only will this travel portal possess essential features a travel portal must have, but also a great user interface and navigation.

Extensible and extendable

A booking engine should not be locked into proprietary technologies. It should be extendable and extensible. It should support custom software development. Ideally, the booking engine should be modular.


Choose the right travel portal development company. Become travel agent, earn huge - start a travel business today.

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