Craft a Distinctive Travel Portal with TripMegaMart's
Professional Guidance, Setting You Apart from the Rest

Your Branded Website Solution

This exceptional solution provides you with a meticulously branded website featuring your exclusive domain name, essentially guiding you on how to start your own travel agency. The effortlessly deployable platform empowers your customers to promptly and autonomously secure flight and hotel reservations, all without requiring your direct engagement. The website seamlessly interfaces with numerous GDS systems and APIs, encompassing even low-cost carriers, eliminating the necessity for forging supplementary partnerships.

Comprehensive Travel Portal

At your disposal is an all-inclusive travel portal featuring various homepage design options for your main website. Seamlessly integrated within are top-tier flight and hotel booking functionalities, seamlessly accessing global distribution systems (GDS) and numerous APIs. This negates any necessity for external alliances. Tweak color themes effortlessly using the master admin panel, synchronized impeccably with the front-end website. This is essentially a part of how to start your own travel agency.
Aside from the front website and agent dashboard, vendor dashboards tailored to car, tour, and hotel vendors are at your fingertips. And if you’re looking to broaden your horizons, consider the optional inclusion of a cruise vendor dashboard. This is another step in how to start your own travel agency.

Android App Availability

Furthermore, an Android app version is at your disposal. For those enrolled in the Diamond Plan, the app will be made accessible on the Play Store. Meanwhile, the silver and gold plans provide the option to enhance your package with the app, in exchange for a fee.

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