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America is a dream destination for millions of people all over the world. Every single year, people from different parts of globe, travel to the USA to experience living in the glitzy cities of Las Vegas, California, New York and San Francisco. There is a massive travel and hospitality business in America that provides employment and livelihood to a large number of people. But with the advent of digital commerce Americans are no longer restricted to simply working as service-people under the brands of established travel businesses. Now anyone can set up their own online travel portal and serve customers worldwide.

Travel Portal Development Company in USA

There are different ways to go about setting up an online travel portal. Entrepreneurs can hire developers and designers to build the website of their dreams. But this is a time taking and expensive process.

For entrepreneurs with a smaller start-up budget an easier solution for growing travel business in USA is to hire a white label travel portal provider company. Trip Mega Mart is most reputed travel portal development company in USA. They provide pre-developed travel websites which can be customized to fit the needs of individual business owners. White label websites are much cheaper than traditional website development and a fully functional website becomes available in just a few days.

Essential Features a Travel Portal Must Have

All Trip Mega Mart websites come with GDS flight booking system. This means that the website uses an API supplier to collect and display real-time data from a number of different sources. The travel portal is able to show customers the price and ticket availability of different airline carriers to make travel booking easier for customers.

Along with the airline reservation system for travel websites, Trip Mega Mart websites also come with hotel reservation systems, car rental systems and much more.

Customers can pay for all these services with the help of a payment portal built into the site. Trip Mega Mart payment portals are secured with multiple layers of encryption for customer safety. These portals are also very quick-responding. Third party payment portal integration into Trip Mega Mart websites is also very simple.

Another feature of Trip Mega Mart travel portal solution in USA is that their websites are optimized to perform with equal speed and efficiency on all types of devices and browser applications. Most customers complete their e-commerce needs with the help of a mobile phone so a website that can perform on smart phones as well as on computers and tablets is absolutely essential for the success of an online travel portal.

Trip Mega Mart websites also provide a variety of admin access controls to their customers. This means that the business owner will be able to make minor changes to their website after it goes live. But these changes do not require the admins to any software programming knowledge.

Top Benefits of Travel Portal for Travel Business

One of the biggest benefits of white label travel portals is that they can be customized to fit the aesthetic sensibilities of different business owners. All Trip Mega Mart websites are delivered with certain basic customizations like adding in the business name, logo and branding of the client business. But additional customizations in color, font, layout can always be requested.

The main goal of these customizations is to make a website design that will appeal to the target audience of a particular travel business. The website design also plays a big role in marketing the website and bringing in new customers.

But apart from the visuals of the portal, Trip Mega Mart designers also focus on the usability of their products. Every website interface is designed to be used intuitively; this means that almost anyone will be able to use the website by themselves without any special training or prior-knowledge. This ease of usage is very important to edge out rivals and retain customers.

White Label Travel Portal Cost

Setting up a physical travel agency with office space and employees is way beyond the means of most start-up entrepreneurs. A new website with hired developers can also be an expensive proposition.

One of the most cost-effective methods of starting a travel business is with the help of a white label travel portal. Trip Mega Mart travel portal for travel agents in USA are quite affordable according to the industry standards.

They offer a few different pricing plans and each plan has its own set of features. Extra customizations and features not included in the plan require small additional charges. Travel agent portals can also be built into travel agency websites.

Trip Mega Mart customers however have to pay a 25% (of original website plan) annual fee for the continuity of Trip Mega Mart services.

Are you a travel enthusiast who wants to make travel their profession? Then a white label travel portal is the ideal low investment business plan for you to turn your passion into a successful entrepreneurial opportunity. Contact Trip Mega Mart today to get started on this exciting journey with trained professional support.

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