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The USA is a country in North America and one of the world's most popular and the most significant holiday destinations! Being the most developed country, it has the highest GDP. The country is home to excellent flora and fauna. Not only that, but the USA has a rich ethnic and cultural diversity. The world's most popular theme park, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Florida, is also in the USA. The country has it all: history, gastronomy, mountains, and coastlines!

Tours to Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York are absolutely not missed. Most USA vacations include the Museum of Science and Industry, Garden of the Gods, or Millennium Park.

Are you one of the travel agents or a travel management company looking for a flight API integration company in USA? Trip Mega Mart, a travel startup business consultation service in USA, provides access to airline information and offers one-way, round-trip, multi-city, and group bookings. To construct a unique GDS flight booking system - travel technology solution, flight booking platform, or app, call Trip Mega Mart immediately.

Let’s see what is an API?

The term API is the short for Application Programming Interface. Trip Mega Mart gives you access to their flight API, which allows your consumers to view their inventory once incorporated into your website.

Trip Mega Mart is a significant flight API supplier that provides comprehensive flight material gathered from numerous IATA and non-IATA consolidators through a single unified flight booking API connection. There is a flight API, hotel API, vehicle API, transfer API, and sightseeing API.

These companies are specialists in travel technology, and their API integration team uses agile methodology to construct flight booking portals, extranets, DMC systems, airline reservation systems, and bespoke apps.

Trip Mega Mart's Flight API and Distribution Suite

Trip Mega Mart, a well-known flight GDS/XML integration company in USA, has built a four-stage integration procedure, from sandbox access through certification. Different APIs/XMLs are created for different content kinds, making integration simple. Any full-stack API developer may comprehend the procedure and integrate flying APIs.

Flight/Airline API Integration

Popular airline flight APIs are generally incorporated into a centralized GDS. Some travel clients want to use unique flight APIs to increase consumer preferences. Most of the global inventory of flights and hotels is incorporated into the GDS network, making it the universal API integration System for Travel entrepreneurs and end-users.

Flight APIs provide a direct access to all of the necessary data required to create a cutting-edge website or Android or iOS app. The most acceptable airline rates from worldwide vendors will be available to your consumers.

Flight API is offered through three channels:

  • API: A B2B solution for integrating online and mobile apps to distribute and sell air content.
  • Desktop Agency: seamlessly integrates with all Agency Desktop programs.
  • Flight Booking Engine (IBE): a web-based portal and user-login online booking tool that interfaces with guests/users/agents/corporate bookings.

Through a single API, the company offers the largest LCC and FSC airline carriers’ platform.

This API consumes multi-goods inventory from several nations and continents to get the best SOTO fares.

Flight API manages, searches, books, and supports material from hundreds of airlines, e-commerce platforms, search engines, and mobile applications.

Moreover, it is accessible through API, Agency Desktop, and web-based (agency/user login) interfaces.

All of the airline's auxiliary services, fare family kinds, and bundled and unbundled services are supported via the API.

Flight API provides airlines with an extensive distribution network while saving them money. It supports NDC and any airline merchandising engine.

What are the advantages of Trip Mega Mart flight API?

Trip Mega Mart Flight API supports OTAs, Tour Operators, Online Booking Tools, Meta-search, Travel Management Corporations (TMCs), Corporate clients, and Smartphone Solution Providers. Below given are some of the benefits of incorporating flight API integration into your website or travel app:

  • Domestic and international flight search
  • Support for Simple Integration
  • Booking in real-time
  • Cancellation of tickets
  • Requests for extra luggage allowance
  • Specifications for meals
  • Airfare schedule
  • Benefits of multi-way search
  • Huge Inventory
  • Time-saving
  • Instant booking
  • Admin control panel
  • Payout portal
  • Integrated seamlessly
  • Easy to use
  • Global content
  • Advantages in the market
  • Streamlines payment and settlement
  • Boosts sales
  • Direct link savings
  • A large distribution network
  • Payment and settlement implied

So, if you want to become a travel agent: starting your business with all the necessary features of airline reservation systemand want to provide flight API integration benefits to your consumers, then connect with Trip Mega Mart. They have the best-in-class GDS flight booking system - travel technology solutions for setting up your business.

Backed with a solid experience, they will help you get the finest airline deals across the world. Call Trip Mega Mart, world's leading travel technology providers today, and fulfill your dream of having a successful travel portal for travel agents in USA. Embrace the US tourism industry armed with the finest APIs.

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