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San Jose holds a significant place in the IT industry for being at the centre of Silicon Valley. But in addition to this, the city is also a popular tourist destination. It offers tourists a variety of experiences. Some of the prominent sites for tourists are the Winchester Mystery House, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Jose Museum of Art, Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph, Tech Museum of Innovation, Alum Rock Park, Children’s Discovery Museum, Kelley Park, and the Japanese Friendship Garden.

The diversity of the tourist population of San Jose calls for tourism portal development to build a successful travel business here.

Why Use a Portal?

Opting for a white label travel portal development can bring various benefits to your business. Let us have a look at the three top reasons why a travel portal is the need of the hour in today’s internet based fast paced world.

  • Better Administration - Travel portal solution can help you to manage your business more effectively. You can integrate your portal to the cloud and access your business data from remote locations. You can check the transaction details at any time and also prepare business reports from any location. With portals you can offer an easy login facility to your customers. You can let them save their details on the platform so that they do not need to type in the information each time they login to your portal.
  • Improved Service - With the services of a good travel technology company such as Trip Mega Mart, you can offer an improved service to your customers. Portals can allow you to automate your processes and offer quicker service to travellers. You can answer their questions instantly and at any time of the day.
  • Budget Friendly Solution - Travel website/portal development cost with a professional company like Trip Mega Mart is minimal. Portals can reduce your overall expenses by letting you operate with less resources. You can also obtain more output from portals without investing too much.

How to Obtain Travel Portal Solution in San Jose?

Building a portal that can be beneficial to your travel business requires the consideration of certain factors.

Suitable Products

Offering customers with travel products that can meet their needs is very important to successfully start travel agency online. Unless you understand the needs of travellers, you will not be able to add relevant products to your business. It is important that you conduct a market survey and find out what travel products are in demand among the travellers. You can then strive to balance between the market trend and your personal skills.

Bookmark Facility

In addition to finding desired services, travellers may also wish to bookmark them for future bookings. By letting travellers maintain a favourite list on their online account with your agency, you can help them keep track of their preferences. They can check the availability of the selected airline suppliers or other travel products without searching for them all over again.

Payment Facility

An important component of all online businesses is the availability of a payment facility. In the case of travel businesses, agents need to integrate a payment gateway to their website that can allow customers to pay for their bookings in multiple modes. With experts such as Trip Mega Mart, you can obtain a reliable payment gateway for your portal and offer complete security to your customers.

Updated Information

An expected benefit of travellers from the portal is that they will get updated information regarding the services as well as the agency that they choose for their trip. With a GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration with Trip Mega Mart, you can offer your customers availability status of service providers on a real time basis. This can help the customers to choose services that are available for booking. Travellers can also check availability for future dates and plan their trip accordingly.

You can build an efficient travel portal by integrating GDS service to the website and adding a reliable payment gateway to it. You can also enhance the usefulness of the platform by adding relevant products and letting customers maintain their list of preferences.

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