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The idea to start online travel agency business in USA is a lucrative one, given the adoration the country receives from travelers. The USA falls in the list of top tourist destinations. The diversity of the landscape offers plenty of spectacular views to travelers. Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, California, the list of popular places in the USA is endless.

But unlike the earlier days, travel agencies today are required to approach the online market for successfully setting up their business. Travelers are inclined to arrange their tours via the internet. They collect all information related to their travel from sources that they can verify over the internet. This is why agents need to have an online presence.

Travel Agency Business Requirement

Setting up a successful travel agency begins with the identification of your niche. Understanding the industry demands is as important as assessing your capability and interest. Once you have determined the travel product that you wish to sell, you need to obtain the necessary licenses.

Travel agents operating in specific locations need to follow the laws applicable to those locations. For the USA, there are separate laws that some of the states follow in addition to the federal laws. You need to abide by all these before you can start looking for a suitable travel portal development company in USA.

Why B2C white label travel portals best for travel agencies?

Travel agents can opt for any kind of portals depending on what their business needs are. However, there are certain factors that enhance the importance of B2C travel portal development for agents.

Know Customers Better

B2C travel booking portal development can provide you with ample opportunities to know your customers well. You can analyze the data of your customers and understand their buying behavior. You can know what products on your portal are most looked upon, what kind of filters customers apply, what travel destinations receive the maximum booking for, etc. Knowing your customers can contribute significantly to the expansion of your business.

Better Customer Interaction

The fast-paced life of modern days causes travelers to arrange their trips at odd hours. This urges travel agents to be flexible with their hours of operation. Travel portals can help agents achieve an uninterrupted communication with customers. You can use technologies like live chat and virtual assistance to address your customer queries faster. You can also operate beyond any specific time window and provide better service at a lesser cost.


Travelers have more requirements today than enquiring about hotels to agents. Most travelers prefer comparing flight ticket prices and opting for the most suitable one. B2B portal developers like Trip Mega Mart can allow you to create an airline reservation system for travel website that your customers can use for reserving flight tickets. You can offer various other travel products to customers with a travel portal.

Automated Bookings

B2C portal automates the booking process. It allows you to provide customers with confirmation receipts upon booking. You can update customers about their upcoming trips. You can also provide an easy cancellation process when customers wish to postpone their plans. Building your portal with experts like Trip Mega Mart can even allow you to provide booking facilities to customers on their smart devices.

Essential Features A Travel Portal Must Have

Here are some of the important features that you must consider for your travel portal.

  • Customer login - Your portal must provide an easy login facility for the customers. Customers must be able to save their login credentials so that they do not have to enter all details every time they access their account. Trip Mega Mart can provide you with a portal design that customers can use for a hassle-free login. 
  • Separate dashboards - Both your customers and your admin department must have a separate dashboard that customers can use to login. Separate dashboards allow travelers to view their booking history and save hotels or other products to their favorite list. Your admin can also view and manage bookings through the admin dashboard.
  • Integration to payment gateways - When your target customers are the travelers, it is important to integrate your portal to multiple payment gateways. Different travelers will have different preferences to pay for their purchases. Multiple gateways are suitable for different currencies as well as payment modes. Trip Mega Mart can advise you on the important gateways that your travel portal must have.
  • Multi supplier inventories - Another key feature of travel portals is the accessibility of travelers to the live inventory of suppliers. By integrating your portal to airline suppliers for travel agents in USA, you can let customers view the availability of various airline tickets.

With all the important features, you can gain a lot of benefits from B2C portals. You can interact with your customers, offer them with several services, automate their booking process, and review your company sales to make better business decisions.

B2c White Label Travel Portals Best For Travel Agencies

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