What are the benefits of white label travel portal for travel agencies serving USA tourism market

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The USTTA, expanded as U.S. Travel and Tourism Administration has been involved in advertising US destinations internationally. This is so as to promote tourism and invite visitors from all around the world. Popular touristic destinations in the USA namely California, Florida, Nevada, and Texas have constantly experienced touristic influx right from the 1960s. Therefore, as any travel startup business consultation service in USA would vouch for, there is never a better time to start travel agency business than now with Trip Mega Mart ready-made portals.

The government has eased many processes for tourists. CBP or U.S Customs and Border Protection have setup preclearance kiosks at several foreign airports. The purpose of these posts is to allow travelers to the US pass US customs before boarding flights to US destinations. This type of pre-clearance ensures that travelers are not put to stress at US airports for want of documentation or additional clearance.

One of the benefits of white label travel portal for travel agencies in this regard is to provide information on such activities of the US tourism department and CBP. The portal can have live sessions, training, question and answer session, integration with foreign travel services advisors etc. All of this will create a better traveler experience.

Trip Mega Mart is the premier flight GDS/XML integration company in USA, airline suppliers for travel agents in USA, and flight API integration company in USA. Any integration, simple or complex can be achieved as per travel agency business requirements.

What are the benefits of white label travel portal for travel agencies serving USA tourism?

Helping travelers know states, regions, cities, and ways to travel

A travel agency can use a travel portal to provide automated assistance on geographies, their characteristics, transportation options, flight booking options, city and state information etc. This is one of the ways how to start a tour company with less money. Information is also one of the essential features a travel portal must have.

Many first-time travelers wouldn’t know the difference between West, South, Northwest, and Midwest. These are essentially administrative divisions of the USA and these terms come up frequently, which might confuse visitors.

It is also important for visitors to know the landscape. The Northeast has a number ofmountain ranges and rocky coastlines. Midwest has grassy plains, stretching lakes, and large forests. Every region has its own charm, and this has to be known to visitors. The travel portal can provide booking services to allow traveler to book for accommodations, cars, travel services, flights, and customized tours.

Trip Mega Mart can build a customized and adaptable airline reservation system for travel website. This type of B2C Travel Booking Portal Development and B2B Travel Booking Portal Development can help custom tour operators to offer curated travel services to their customers.

There is no need to search for books such as Start a Travel Agency: An Introductory Guide or Become a Travel Agent: Starting Your Business. If they exist or do not exist it is immaterial because Trip Mega Mart knows best. It has the technology to create B2C white label travel portals best for travel agencies or the best B2B travel portal white label solution.

Helping visitors to USA on multi-destination trips

A multi-destination trip can be a daunting experience for visitors. Especially first time travelers. Getting around the country could be easy for some. Yet many lose their way. A travel agency can provide itineraries and itinerary support to facilitate multi-destination tours. The travel agency can provide the best transportation options for travelers as per their budgetary requirements.

Integrating modern features of airline reservation system, and using Trip Mega Mart GDS flight booking – travel technology solution, travel agencies can easily manage customer tours. At low white label travel portal cost, a future-ready white label solution for travel partners can be built.

Not many travelers know about the Amtrak train service, which plies through multiple destinations. Therefore, tours to multiple destinations can be arranged using a combination of public and private transport. A travel agency can facilitate such tours by providing a clear roadmap of action. The entire tour can be booked and planned using the travel portal by the travelers. The travel portal should be able to support group travels, family tours, and solo travel as well.


Visitors to the US sometimes complain about paying more for food at restaurants. This is because what are displayed are the prices without sales tax applied. This is one of the many examples of lack of information for visitors to the USA. A travel agency can provide such information via its travel portal. Trip Mega Mart is the world's leading travel technology providers to help travel agencies offer differentiated services. The white label travel portal provider company has the best white label travel portal - a solution for startups as well as white label portal for established businesses.

What Are The Benefits Of White Label Travel Portal For Travel Agencies Serving Usa Tourism Market

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