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USA tourism is always unchallenged. Any travel startup business consultation service in USA would establish the fact that this country continuously commands a lion’s share of the world tourism market. People visit USA for various reasons. Fun, leisure, travel, entertainment, business, education, healthcare, and sport are some of them.

All these travelers have various requirements, travel itineraries, travel plans, budgets, travel constraints, and durations. Fulfilling their travel requirements to their utmost satisfaction should be the goal of travel agencies.

A travel agency can use the services of Trip Mega Mart flight GDS/XML integration company in USA, airline suppliers for travel agents in USA, and flight API integration company in USA to fulfill its travel agency business requirements.

What are the different types of travel startup ideas for the USA market?

Travel expense management solution

Credit-cards that are app-based and solutions to manage expenses are a huge relief for business travelers. Business should be able to use this solution in myriad ways. Linking their corporate credit cards, payments, bank accounts, and expense management system should be one of them. Some other features are credit card controls, cash management, and virtual accounts.

The app can also have an inventory management feature, online booking module, customer reviews site, and more. The app can also integrate into airline loyalty programs. So that business travelers are rewarded with points. Ideally, this app should be a mobile app as well as a travel web application.

Travel agencies can use the services of the world’s leading travel technology providers to develop this capability. This solution can also be part of a travel portal. The portal will not only have all essential features a travel portal must have but also such unique solutions.

Car sharing app

In the USA, there are many regions that may not have frequent bus services. Travelers might need to hitch a ride or call a taxi to get to the nearest bus or railway station. But the lack of something gives rise to a business idea. A travel agency can build a car sharing app or module. Using Trip Mega Mart solutions, this type of feature can co-exist with other features; let’s say airline reservation system for travel website. The module can be part of the travel portal. Using the car sharing feature, car owners can rent out cars.

The car owners can upload pictures of their cars on the portals. They can provide car details, car license, registration details, location, case-delivery options, duration of usage, and more such information or conditions. There is no limit as to the information and details that can be provided. In fact, car owners can also provide tips on how to enjoy the car rides, places to go, and their own anecdotes of their travels by way of their cars.

They can rent cars to drivers holding valid driving permissions and licenses – not to international travelers who are on tourist visas! This type of easy renting not only helps the community, but travelers in the USA. Travel agencies can use Trip Mega Mart B2B Travel Booking Portal Development and B2C Travel Booking Portal Development to build such a capability.

Private jet booking

There is no need to read Start a Travel Agency: An Introductory Guide or any book such as Become a Travel Agent: Starting Your Business with Trip Mega Mart around. This company specializes in building B2C white label travel portals best for travel agencies.

Travelers to the USA might also be the affluent ones who are able to afford private flights. But they won’t be citizens of the country, so they can’t immediately own one nor fly one. But they can be flown by citizens and those with valid pilot licenses.

But do these pilots have a way to book private jets? That’s the question that needs to be answered. A travel agency can fill this gap. The travel agency can offer a private jet booking module on its travel portal. Trip Mega Mart can be counted on for building such a best B2B travel portal white label solution.

The module will have integrations to private jet booking sites, independent private jet owners, and third-party agencies. The online portal should facilitate membership sign-ups, renewals, and reminders for renewals to jet membership plans. This type of white label solution for travel partners can be built by Trip Mega Mart White Label Travel Portal Provider Company.

The online portal should have online transaction system to allow payments to be made online by the pilots, jet owners, and USA travelers. Fulfilling such requirements is precisely what makes Trip Mega Mart the best travel portal development company.


The scope for travel startups is huge in the USA. There is always a new idea or business opportunity waiting to be uncovered. So using ready-made travel portals is how to start a travel portal and make money online. And then wait for that unique business opportunity to pounce on. Become Travel Agent, Earn Huge - Start a Travel Business Today.

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