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Most people who love to travel want to at some point in their life visit the USA. They want to step foot in bustling cities like New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas to experience the American Dream for at least a brief moment. But traveling to a foreign country requires lots of pre-planning to ensure a smooth and comfortable stay.

Travel agencies help customers in this regard by booking tickets and reserving hotel rooms for them. But now in the digital age, no customer wants to spend hours waiting at a travel agent’s office to get offered a few limited options. Most customers now prefer to use online travel portals to make their travel arrangements themselves by just clicking on a few buttons.

Online Travel Portal & Booking Engine Development Solution

Trip Mega Mart is a highly rated travel portal development company in USA. They develop online travel portals for their business owner clients. Their portals are actually white label solutions. A white label travel portal is a pre-built website with all the essential features a travel portal must have. This pre-built framework is then customized for individual businesses at the time of delivery.

Trip Mega Mart white label developers create airline reservation system for travel websites. This means that the travel portals have the ability to collect and put together real time flight information from all popular airlines and display it on a single webpage of the portal. This makes the customer’s task much easier and increases the travel portal owner’s profits.

Trip Mega Mart has gained popularity for its B2B and B2C travel booking portal development which includes flight booking systems, hotel booking systems, car rental solutions, tour package reservation systems and much more.

Trip Mega Mart provides a very comprehensive travel startup business consultation service in USA. Their portals have in-built payment gateways for customers so that there is no need to go to another external web page to complete and confirm bookings. The in-built gateway processes payments very quickly and efficiently and also has multiple layers of encryption working to protect customer privacy. The portals are also developed in a way to allow for easy third-party payment portal integrations for maximum payment method variety.

Trip Mega Mart has full scalability on all their portals- a portal can be used by only regional customers or can be open to all international customers depending on the portal owner’s preference. The portals are also optimized for viewing on all sorts of devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and computers.

Trip Mega Mart developers while creating a white label travel portal, a solution for startups, also keep in mind the need for business owners to control their own website front-end. For this reason, all Trip Mega Mart portals have various admin accesses that can be operated without making any changes to the software code.

How to Make Travel Website-User interface Design

White label travel portals work on the same basic framework, but this does not mean that all the portals end up looking the same. Trip Mega Mart travel portals are only delivered after adding the business name and logo and other branding features of the client business. Clients can also request for more changes in the layout, font and other front-end design features of their website to make it better suited to their business necessities.

Every Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal ends up with its own unique aesthetic at the time of delivery. This means that when customers visit the website there are certain eye-catching features that catch their eye besides the basic functionalities of the website. The visual appeal builds brand recognition and is extremely important for running successful marketing campaigns.

But all visual appeal becomes immaterial if the user-interface is not functional. Trip Mega Mart ensures that all their portals have an intuitive, user-friendly and simple interface. Almost anyone will be able to instantly figure out how to use all the website features without any additional assistance or tutorials.

How to Start a Travel Portal and Make Money Online

Starting a business is never easy. A traditional travel agency would require lots of investment in renting out offices and in setting up the office infrastructure. Developing new websites also requires long term hiring of skilled software developers. In comparison, a customized white label website is a much more low-investment option that provides high chances for success with just a little bit of smart digital marketing.

Trip Mega Mart is a very affordable white label travel portal provider company. Their portals are categorized into different price plans. Additional front-end or functional customizations require minor extra payments. Business owners also get the opportunity to add individual portals for their travel agents to the main travel business portal.

There is an annual maintenance fee on all Trip Mega Mart websites (around 25% of the website price to be paid yearly). This fee is not significant for most clients since they can earn much more from their portals in a year’s time.

Trip Mega Mart offers aspiring entrepreneurs in the USA the perfect opportunity to make their business dreams come true. Travel and tourism is a highly profitable sector and with some careful planning with regards to advertising and marketing most entrepreneurs will be able to rake in profits very quickly. So set up an appointment with your Trip Mega Mart consultant today to find out what your next steps should to be to become a travel business owner in less than a month’s time.

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