B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in USA

B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in USA

The United States of America is called the land of dreams and every year millions of people from different parts of the world come here to travel and experience the cosmopolitan culture of USA. New York, California, Texas, and many more states feature in the itinerary of these tourists.

B2B White Label Travel Portal


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Domestic travelers also traverse the length and breadth of this country to explore all the little nooks and crannies of the United States. As a result of all this, the travel industry in USA has become a major money maker for the country’s economy. Digital travel portals are now also entering the space and becoming tough competitors.

Travel portal development in USA

Travel portal development in USA has become much easier with the availability of white label travel portals. Trip Mega Mart provides the best white label travel portal development in USA. Their websites come with GDS flight API integration in USA. The website is able to collect real time information from multiple airline operators so that customer can make their bookings directly from the travel portal. They can avoid the cumbersome process of cross-checking ticket prices and availability across multiple airlines. API service is also used to run real time hotel booking and car booking systems.

B2C white label travel portal development in USA by Trip Mega Mart also involves the creation of payment portals so that customers can pay for their bookings. These portals are fully secured to ensure efficient transactions and data security. Third party payment portal integration is also kept in mind during website development.

When Trip Mega Mart developers work on their travel technology solution inUSA they try to ensure that the website will be able to handle lots of traffic without any downtime or crashes. The quality and speed of service offered by a travel portal is essential for the success of an online travel business.

Trip Mega Mart websites are also created with easy admin access features. Anyone who has admin access will be able to make minor modifications in the listings on the website even if they do not have extensive knowledge of software and computer languages. The websites are also meant to flexible in terms of their scale. The clients will be able to use the same website in a local or regional level and then scale it up to operate globally.

Setting up a travel agency business in USA online

Setting up an online travel agency business is much easier than going through all the fixed asset paraphernalia of setting up a physical travel agency office. But this does not mean that the business owner does not have to think at all about the setting up of an online travel business. One of the major concerns of online business owners is the aesthetics and performance of their website.

All Trip Mega Mart websites are optimized to operate on mobile, computer, laptops and tablets. The websites are also customized at the time of delivery with the basic branding of the client business. If the client wants, they can make additional changes to the website design by paying a small extra fee. This is generally done to make the website more in tune with the business plan and business ethos of a particular brand and also to make the website easier to market on various digital platforms.

But focus on design never compromises the user experience. The user interface of every Trip Mega Mart website is intuitive. Travel portal development in USA by Trip Mega Mart gives the utmost importance to usability. No customer wants to use a website that is difficult to use and Trip Mega Mart websites are easy to use for all types of people.

Cost to start online travel agency business in USA

White label travel portals are generally much less expensive than developing brand new websites. Trip Mega Mart websites are especially reasonably priced and they have different product plans at different price points to satisfy clients with all kinds of budgets. Introducing individual travel agent portals alongside the travel website also involves a very minor expenditure.

But Trip Mega Mart does charge a yearly fee for their white label service which covers the API service and other maintenance related functions. This yearly fee is just 25% of the website plan and clients are generally able to earn many times more than this in a year’s time.

The US economy is an exciting sphere for business owners as the potential for growth is immense. At present most of the highest growing sectors in the US economy are digitally powered. Digitally driven travel portal solutions also have tremendous growth potential as customers start looking online more and more for all their domestic and international travel needs. So, if you are planning to become business owners then the easiest and safest bet for you would be to invest in a white label travel portal that can be run from home and yet be highly successful.

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