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Travelers to the USA are increasing. With expendable incomes in many economies increasing, countries from where it was not common to have travelers are having travelers to USA. This means that the USA is a favorite destination, not just for the developed countries, but even for the developing countries. Because of the sheer size of the travel market, there is a shortage of travel agencies. And might we say – a shortage of travel services too.

Any travel agency entrepreneur reading Start a Travel Agency: An Introductory Guide or Become a Travel Agent: Starting Your Business for the USA market, is doing right. The USA tourism market has progressed far. From requiring staid features of airline reservation system, nowadays travel agencies require AI driven features from Trip Mega Mart. This is so that travelers can be given suggestions on how, where, and when to book – a trend that has helped travelers make informed choices.

Trip Mega Mart is probably the company that can make such technologies. It builds B2C white label travel portals best for travel agencies. It can build white label solution for travel partners at low white label travel cost. It can build white label travel portal – a solution for startups and best B2B travel portal white label solution for established businesses.

As any travel startup business consultation service in USA would state, the need of the hour is more Trip Mega Mart portals. It is one of the leading flight GDS/XML integration company in USA, flight API integration company in USA and airline suppliers for travel agents in USA. This company specializes in airline reservation system for travel website, B2B travel booking portal development, and B2C travel booking portal development among several others.

Has the adoption of travel technology increased?

As with many other industries, technology is revolutionizing the way the travel industry works. Travel technology companies are required for this. But not all travel technology companies fit the bill. Either they have frameworks that cause vendor lock-in, or the technology platform is not extensible, or the platform does not support integrations.

Trip Mega Mart is for this reason one of the world’s leading travel technology providers. The company’s White Label Solutions for travel B2C & B2B Booking Engine is the best of the lot. It is easy for anyone to use this ready-made technology and start a business.

One of the reasons why the adoption of travel technology has increased is because people want to travel safe. They wish to eliminate queues. They don’t want the hassle of paperwork. They want to maintain social distancing. Most travelers prefer a paperless travel experience. Even the non-tech savvy travelers have begun to use apps.

So, there is definitely a paradigm shift. Travel technology is not an afterthought anymore. It has become a bare necessity. One of the reasons what makes Trip Mega Mart the best travel portal development company is that it is building solutions for the travel industry to make this into a reality.

What type of travel technology automation is currently trending?


Virtual assistance is trending in the travel world. No matter where the traveler is, simply typing in some search queries into the chatbot gives them the answers. It could a query on this person’s current location. It could be to find out about nearby hotels and restaurants. It could be to find out about the nearest gas station and so on.

Chatbots, especially the artificial intelligence and machine learning driven ones, are hugely popular. But there are very few travel technology solution providers who provide a decent solution. Either they are commercial off the shelf software or they do not support customizations. A travel agency can use a custom software development company’s service instead to build a chatbot as per their specific requirements.

Face recognition

Airlines and airports are providing face recognition technology to ease passenger transit and check-in, check-out procedures. A travel portal of a travel agency can have this cool feature. Not only will it help customers avoid the step of logging in manually, but it will also give rise to a better customer experience.

Omnichannel booking

This type of booking is a new way to allot seats on flights, bus rentals, car rentals, and even accommodations. Social media tools such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can be used for this in addition to the main travel portal of the travel agency. The traveler can simply issue a command on social media to allow the flight booking system to pick this command and convert it into an action. Any messages posted on social media can be integrated into the person’s travel portal account as well. Trip Mega Mart Travel Technology Solution for USA Travel Agents can be invoked to build such a solution.


The potential for automation of travel services is endless. That’s why it becomes important to partner with the right white label travel portal provider company. And there is none better than Trip Mega Mart for all of this and more.

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