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There are many countries that fall in the list of top tourist destinations in the world. The USA is one of them. The country has a unique landscape that makes way for gaining all kinds of experiences. Be it the popular places of Georgia, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Florida and New York or other less explored yet equally beautiful destinations, the country never fails to amuse travelers. As the tourism industry keeps growing in the country, so do the opportunities for entrepreneurs willing to start a travel business.

If you are seeking an answer to how to start a tour company with less money, then travel portals are what you must look for. Although travel portals might not be as cheaper as the offline platforms, they can be a complete value for money. When your target customers are business providers, B2B portals are the best choice for you.

What are B2B Travel Portals?

A B2B portal works as a booking engine where travel agents or other service providers can place their booking requests. Connected to multiple booking engines, these portals allow agents to access real-time data of the various travel products. They can purchase tickets and arrange hotel rooms for a large number of tourists. They can also manage their business better using these portals.

Features of B2B Portals

Here are some of the essential features a travel portal must have.

Customer Dashboard

The service providers that you partner with must be able to login to a separate dashboard where they can access all information related to their services. Your portal must be able to store login credentials to provide a quick login process. The portal must also be able to store reports and transactions for individual service providers so that they can easily review their sales and other essential details.

Multiple Inventories

You might have such agents as your customers who deal with more than one kind of travel product. Even the service providers might have multiple inventories, which you need to host on your portal. Trip Mega Mart can help you support as many inventories on your portal as you need to. You can ensure your customers are able to conduct their business uninterruptedly with your company.

Guest Tracking

Another important feature of B2B travel booking portal development is the tracking of guests or visitors. By allowing customers to track their consumers, you create a better business opportunity for them. Your customers can understand what kind of products are in demand and what products are not doing well in the market. They can price their products better and add discounts or other attractions to increase sales.

Tour Packages

B2B portals can be designed to provide package deals to customers. Agents can opt for a flight GDS/XML integration company in USA along with accommodation providers and provide a package tour to travelers. This can enhance your revenue as well the visibility of your brand.

Travel Technology Solution for USA Travel Agents

To get the best B2B travel portal white label solution, you will need a team that has sufficient experience in the travel sector. There are companies like Trip Mega Mart that specializes in developing travel portals. You can get a quality service from them for designing your portal. To ensure maximum benefit from the portal you can settle down a few factors beforehand.

1. Features - Different B2B portals may have different features based on the specific goals of its users. Before you turn to creating your portal, you need to decide what features will be essential for your portal. If you do not find notifying customers as a crucial element of your business, you can simply build your portal without this feature.

2. Design - If you are looking to start online travel agency business in USA, you will have to pay attention to the appearance of the portal. A lot of travelers make their tour plans by the visual appeal of destinations. Adding compelling images on your portal can be a useful tool for pulling the crowd.

3. Products - Whether you want to partner with a flight API integration company in USA or with hotel suppliers is a decision that you need to make even before you start looking for portal developers.

4. Cost - Different companies will quote different prices for developing your travel portal. You need to determine the white label travel portal cost that you are willing to pay. Companies such as Trip Mega Mart can offer you a great travel portal at an affordable price.

B2B portals are an extremely useful platform that can help you in growing travel business in USA. With professional services of companies like Trip Mega Mart, you can offer a great many advantages to your customers, which will keep you ahead in this competitive industry. You can let your customers know their business potentials, gain a better understanding of their buyable products, partner with several travel product providers, and maintain record of the important transactions.

B2b Travel Booking Portal Development

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