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Travel industry is one of the most important industries in the USA. A large number of people visit this country for gaining unforgettable experiences in their leisure time. Places like California, Nevada, Texas, Washington D.C, North Carolina, Hawaii, Florida, Georgia, and New York buzz with tourists at all times of the year.

Technological developments have made it possible for booking hotels and other travel related services online. Travelers can now avail all services at the comfort of their homes. This provides a favorable condition for travel agents willing to start online travel agency business in USA.

Growing Travel Business in USA

There are indeed a lot many opportunities for the growth of travel businesses in the USA. Data suggests that more than two million passengers take the air route on a regular basis to travel across the country. This contributes to the demand for airline suppliers for travel agents in USA.

The demand for rental car bookings and hotel reservations are also high in the country. With the growing number of travelers, arranging accommodations might not always be easy. Hence, tourists prefer to book in advance all their required services so that they can have a good trip. This is why it is important for travel agents to invest in digital innovations to be able to provide such advanced services as online bookings.

White Label Travel Portal - A Solution for Startups

White label portals offer a great variety of benefits to its users.

Start Without Technical Expertise

You can start your travel business in a portal with minimum or no technical knowledge. White label portals are made by expert developers like Trip Mega Mart who ensure travel agents can use them easily. You can communicate with your customers, acquire new customers, retain the loyalty of your existing customers, and partner with multiple service providers using the same travel portal.

Choice of Brand Name

You can create and run your portal using a domain name of your choice. Even though white labels are designed by some other companies, travel agents get complete control over the portal. You can rebrand the platform and sell your products under your company name. There are many travel startup business consultation service in USA who can provide you with useful guidance on growing your travel business while allowing you to exercise full control of the portal's operation.

Expert Assistance

One of the most crucial advantages of working with a white label travel portal provider company is that you receive valuable assistance from industry experts. Trip Mega Mart and other such skilled web development companies can share with you, significant business and technical knowledge that you can apply to the expansion of your business.

Search Engine Optimized Portal

You can hire developers such as TripMega Mart and obtain optimized white label solutions for travel B2C & B2B booking engine. Optimization of your portal enables the driving of crowds. Images and contents that are designed specifically for increasing visibility of your portal can contribute greatly to the expansion of your business.

Bookings at Best Rates

White label portals allow agents to provide the best possible deals to customers on the purchase of different travel products.  You can integrate your portal to any flight API integration company in USA and let the service providers offer flight tickets at attractive prices. Travelers can compare the price of the various airlines and select the one that suits their budget. Trip Mega Mart can integrate your portal with the best flight GDS providers.

Best B2B Travel Portal White Label Solution

There are certain features of portals that determine the extent to which you can benefit from using it. 

  • Admin management- Your B2B portal must be capable of providing all facilities required for an effective management of your business. By connecting your portal to the cloud, you will be able to acquire safe storage for your business data. You can then access all business transactions from any location. You can have your team members on the same page that can help in avoiding any miscommunications.
  • Live chat with customers- It is important to be available for your customers to solve their queries. When selling travel products to other business providers, uninterrupted interaction is crucial for the business of the providers too. Enabling a live chat facility on your portal can allow you to communicate with your customers faster. 
  • Collaboration with multiple service providers- Portal designers like Trip Mega Mart can provide you with a B2B travel booking portal development that can be integrated to various providers. You can use the portal to collaborate with hotel, flight, car rental, and several other service providers.

These are a few of the factors that can work as indicators of the effectiveness of a travel portal. You can design portals that are more specific to your travel agency business requirements. But once you have a white label portal for your business, you can be sure of exciting developments in your travel business.

Best B2b Travel Portal White Label Solution

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