Flight & Hotel Aggregators for Travel Agents in USA

Flight & Hotel Aggregators for Travel Agents in USA

Tourism is a major American industry. Texas, California, Nevada, Illinois and many other American states are major hubs of tourism globally. These states have a large number of businesses providing tourists with travel related facilities. Travel agents and travel agencies have also sprung up in large numbers. Online travel portals are becoming the preferred form of tourism business now. These act as flight and hotel aggregators and make it easier for tourists to compare and contrast prices and make the best choices.


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Ideas to start online travel agency business in USA

An easy way to start a reliable and profitable online travel business is to use a white label website. White label websites are pre-made websites that can be modified to fit into the requirements of each particular business. Trip Mega Mart is one of the leading companies specializing in white label travel portal development in USA.

Trip Mega Mart creates high performing white label websites that can handle high numbers of visitors without any glitches. The websites are also optimized for all devices, meaning they are equally effective on computers and smart phones.

But the most important element of Trip Mega Mart websites is their flight booking and hotel booking engines. These are powered by GDS flight API integration in USA from top tier suppliers. Trip Mega Mart websites are able to collect real time data on prices and availability from a variety of flight and hotel providers so that customers can make informed choices without having to go to multiple separate web pages. API systems can also be used for car rentals, tour packages and other travel related services.

Once the customer has made their reservation, they need to pay for it. For this reason, Trip Mega Mart teams working on travel portal development in USA make sure to add a simple but secure payment portal into their sites. Trip Mega Mart payments portals are known for being just one click but ensure complete data security and transaction safety of customers. The developers also make sure to create the websites in such a way that they can be easily integrated with any third-party payment portals if it is needed.

Another aspect that Trip Mega Marttravel website development in USA focuses on is ensuring easy admin access for their clients. Business owners who purchase Trip Mega Mart services can very easily use their admin access to make some small changes in prices and listings on their site even if they do not have any software coding skills.

Travel portal design and customization

White label websites are an easy way for start-ups to begin operations. But many entrepreneurs fear that all white label websites have a generic look. This is however not a matter of worry with Trip Mega Mart websites. Their websites are all customized by a talented team of web designers. They add the branding of each client business into their website design along with any extra design requests from the clients. The final product travel portal has a look and feel that matches the aesthetics of its target audience as specified by the client business.

But a good design never comes at the cost of usability. Trip Mega Mart travel technology solution is popular especially because of their user-friendly interfaces that can be navigated almost intuitively by anyone with just a rudimentary experience of using digital platforms.

Cost to start travel business from home in USA

White label websites from Trip Mega Mart are generally very reasonably priced. The cost is a lot lower than traditional full-fledged website development. There are also a number of different plans to add flexibility to the pricing. Clients can choose the plan they want depending on what services they want their business to focus on. Additional features and customizations require small fees each that needs to be ascertained when the quotation is given by Trip Mega Mart developers.

Travel agencies buying travel portals can even add individual travel agent portals within their website. Trip Mega Mart also charges their clients a small maintenance fee annually. This fee is just 25% of the website plan cost and is generally not even a worry for clients who seriously market their portal and come up with a strong business model.

Trip Mega Marttravel portal development cost in USA is pretty low; on the other hand, this business does not require any investments in fixed assets like office rooms and supplies. Anyone can start and run their travel portal business from home and earn good profits. The only task for travel entrepreneurs in USA is to come up with innovative travel plans and suggestion for their customers to stand out from the crowd. Proper marketing, especially social media marketing on digital platforms is also important in order to create a constant flow of visitors to the website. So, if you feel you have the courage and capability to run a successful business then plan your finances today to get your very own Trip Mega Mart travel portal.

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