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California, New York, Manhattan, Las Vegas, Las Angeles all conjure up images of bright lights and glittering people as they rush about trying to fulfiltheir big dreams. Most people want to step onto American soil at once in their lives to witness these great cities with their own eyes. But international travel is not very easy to accomplish.

It requires booking tickets, planning hotel stays and managing car rentals in an unfamiliar country far from home. As a result, most tourists take the help of travel agencies to plan out their vacations. Now online travel portals are also taking off in USA and gaining a lot of popularity among foreign tourists.

Growing travel business in USA - all you need to know to become an online entrepreneur

An online travel portal is a great low investment option for business owners. It is cheaper than a traditional travel agency that requires leasing of office spaces. Nowadays pre-built and customizable white label travel portals are also available that reduce the cost of developing a brand-new website.

Trip Mega Mart is a leading travel portal development company in USA. They specialize in white label solutions for travel B2C & B2B booking engines. Trip Mega Mart developers include a GDS flight booking system travel technology solution in their travel portals. The portals are able to consolidate and display real time flight information from a number of different airlines. This makes ticket booking easier for customers by offering a one-stop destination for comparing prices and timings.

Trip Mega Mart white label solution for travel partners also includes other booking engines for hotel reservation, car rentals and tour package reservations. All these systems run using the API service from some of the industry’s top rated API suppliers.

Trip Mega Mart travel portals are so popular among entrepreneurs because they have all the essential features a travel portal must have, including a robust payment gateway. This payment gateway can process transactions quickly while also maintaining full data privacy of the customer.

Trip Mega Mart travel portals also come with a broad set of admin access features. This allows the client business owner to control their website’s front end after delivery of the portal. But this admin access panel does not require software coding skills to operate.

Trip Mega Mart B2C and B2B travel booking portal development offers another major operational advantage for business owners. The portals all have full scalability. The same portal can operate locally, regionally or internationally depending on the business requirements and personal preferences of the business owners.

Trip Mega Mart developers promise their clients the best chance of building a successful business. So they ensure that all websites have a strong back-end that can perform smoothly even when there is a sudden surge in traffic to the site. Trip Mega Mart portals are also fully optimized for all types of devices and browser applications to give the business a chance to reach the maximum number of customers.

Online Travel Agency Business Requirements in Terms of Web Designing

The only factor that often holds back entrepreneurs from investing in white label solutions is the fear that all white label portals look exactly the same and thus are very hard to market. But this assumption is not at all true for Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal development.

All Trip Mega Mart portals are individually customized with the branding, logo and business name of the client business. Clients can pay for extra changes to the layout of the portal as well to make it better suited to their overall business plan.

Every Trip Mega Mart travel portal has its own unique signature look that can be used for marketing and creating brand awareness among customers which is very important for any growing start-up.

Trip Mega Mart designers also ensure that all their websites are user-friendly and have intuitive navigation. This allows customers with all sorts of backgrounds and demographics to enjoy the services of the client business.

Cost for Using Trip Mega Mart White Label Travel Portal Provider Company

Trip Mega Mart white label portals are generally very reasonably priced, especially when compared to the price of developing a fully new website. Trip Mega Mart offers their clients a number of different price plans, with different features and degrees of customization offered under each plan. Clients also have the freedom to make small additional payments to modify the features offered as part of their price plan.

Another lucrative feature of Trip Mega Mart is their service of adding individual travel agent portals to travel agency business websites at a very minor charge. But Trip Mega Mart does charge its clients an annual fee on their white label portal. The fee is calculated to be 25% of the original website price plan annually. Clients can easily pay this maintenance fee from their much larger profits that they earn yearly from their portals.

America has always been a land of dreams and there seems to be no end to the flood of tourists who want to come visit this dreamland. So, there is plenty of growth for travel businesses to thrive in America and online travel portals are increasing the scope and opportunities available in the travel sector. So, if you feel that you can run a successful business from home, then contact Trip Mega Mart today to start making your mark in America’s travel industry.

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