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America is a country of dreams that people wish to see at least once in their lifetime. A visit to New York or California or Las Vegas is a must for most avoid international travelers. But this kind of long-distance international travel requires a lot of planning like booking flight tickets, reserving hotel rooms and hiring cars. Many travel agencies cater to these needs of their customers.

In recent years a new sub sector has started to emerge in the American tourism industry- these are online travel portals. These digital platforms provide customers all the essentials of a travel business right from the comfort of their own home.

Essential Features a Travel Portal Must Have

Trip Mega Mart is the world’s leading travel technology provider specialized in B2B or B2C travel booking portal development. They provide pre-developed white label portals which can be customized for individual travel businesses.

One of the absolutely essential features for travel portals is a GDS flight booking system- travel technology solution. Trip Mega Mart uses reputed travel API suppliers for their travel portals. The travel portals are able to display flight information in real time from a variety of different airlines. This makes booking tickets more convenient for customers. There is no longer any need to open multiple tabs and cross-check prices across different airlines.

Trip Mega Mart travel booking portals also have hotel, car and tour package booking engines. Customers pay for all their travel bookings with the help of a payment gateway that developers build into the travel  portal’s framework. This travel portal processes payments very quickly, and also has a number of security features for personal safety of customers. The travel portal is also developed for smooth integration with various popular third-party payment gateways for flexibility in payment methods for customers.

Trip Mega Mart travel portal solution in USA also comes with a lot of admin access features. This means that once the website goes live, the business owner who purchases the website can still make some changes to the website front-end. No software coding languages are needed to make these changes.

Trip Mega Mart developers also realize that growing travel businesses in USA require their websites to perform effectively on all kinds of devices – mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Along with this, Trip Mega Mart travel portals are also very easy to scale- this means that the operational scale of the websites, local or regional or international depends completely on the preference of the business owner and can be changed at any point of time.

White label travel portal – a solution for travel startups

White label travel portals all use the same basic development and design framework, but no two Trip Mega Mart white label travel portals are the same. This is because Trip Mega Mart customizes all their portals before delivery. The branding of the client business is added to the website. Some clients also pay for some extra changes to the aesthetics of the website. A unique look is very important for online business travel portals because it helps with brand building and creating brand recognition. Marketing campaigns can also draw on the signature look of the website to draw in more visitors to the business.

But the most important aspect of Trip Mega Mart travel portal designing is usability- all portals are geared towards full intuitive usage. Anyone with very limited prior experience of using onlinetravel  portals will also be able to use the websites successfully without any tutorials. A portal with a sturdy back-end that can handle traffic and a simple easy to use design can take an online business very far.

Expenditure to set up and operate an online travel business

Compared to general industry standards a Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal cost is very reasonable. There are different pricing plans and different features offered under each plan. There is also the option to add individual travel agent portals to a travel business website for some extra payment.

Trip Mega Mart also charged an annual fee- this is 25% of the total website plan cost and business owners gladly pay this fee for continuity of their maintenance cover and API services. Most Trip Mega Mart business owner clients are able to earn much more than this small amount in one year of operations.

Trip Mega Mart itself provides all the essential features a travel portal must have; it is now up to the business owner to market those features and create a business plan that is sustainable and successful. American culture and American media have been gaining increasing worldwide prominence in the recent decades, so travel to USA is expected to become even more common in the coming years. So now is the perfect time for entrepreneurs to jump into the fray of the travel industry in USA. Make a call to Trip Mega Mart today to get a head-start. Your fully functional and customized website will be delivered to you within days. Become the owner of a thriving business operation right from your own bedroom.

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