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The beautiful city of Seattle is located in Washington and is surrounded by mountains, water and forests. Acres of lush parkland in the city add to its picturesque charm. This largest city of Washington is home to the tech industry, with Microsoft and Amazon headquartered here. The futuristic Space Needle, a 1962 World’s Fair legacy, is its most iconic landmark of Seattle.

Seattle has always been on the itinerary of travelers who are out exploring the United States. One can fully realize Seattle's tourism potential by implementing an effective and environmentally friendly travel website design.

Some do it independently, and some use experts in the field of travel portal development, Trip Mega Mart, who develop top quality and comprehensive travel websites.

What is a travel portal?
A perfect travel portal should consist of the following:

Flight Scheduler
Flight reservation system aggregates all flight searches to identify the best options for travelers and creates PNR via online booking. You may get fast results and book online. The API is the link between the data source and the screen. It connects to GDS and leading LCCs and full-service domestic carriers to retrieve and show data. Customers will search the segments, choose their favorite, and pay using payment gateway to generate PNR. A search, book, and confirm API is provided where booking and cancellation reports can be produced.

Book a Hotel Online
Hotel booking system combines content from several providers to meet your clients' demands. Hotel API is incorporated to get global hotel content and deals. Hotel API integration provides real-time availability and confirmation. Flight & hotel booking engine for travel agents lets you browse huge hotel inventories, book rooms, cancel reservations, and generate reports.

Bus Reservation System
Bus booking system offers real-time bus availability. It is easy for clients to find all available buses. Bus API is simple to construct and supplies more alternatives. Search, select seat, and confirm are all done using a single API.

Car Reservation System
Choosing from a variety of rental cars saves time when arranging vacations. It's easy to book a rental car using an API. The car booking API covers various models in Seattle, giving the customers’ a choice of cars along with prebooking and managing reservations.

Vacation Package Management
Trip Mega Mart's inventory management system allows sellers to add vacation plans, features, exclusions, terms and conditions, tour route, pricing, and images to your travel portal. Holiday booking system is fully customizable. Add retailers and holiday inventories to upload vacation merchandise to holiday booking system to be displayed on B2C and B2B websites. These will be available to anyone who will search for all the options and data. It manages bookings and cancellations too.

Module B2C
Clients may self-serve online bookings and print booking vouchers. B2C end customers may examine their payment reservation history and request cancellations via the customer dashboard. Also B2C travel portal allows your guests to book tours directly. Trip Mega Mart fits the API integration, providing your customers additional options making travel bookings available via the B2C travel portal, allowing users to choose and book tickets.

Module B2B
It means trade between travel brokers and clients, and these sites are only accessible by registered travel agents. The B2B travel portal can add or remove travel agents at any moment. It can arrange flights, hotels, buses, and cars.
Trip Mega Mart creates a B2B site with current features helping you and your partners grow. Sub-agents can access and use services on B2B portal.

Admin Module
The admin module manages your travel portal. You may handle all modules in Trip Mega Mart. Flight, hotel, bus, and automobile bookings/cancellations are shown. You may control your B2C and B2B customers and agents. A/B/C/D all Modules Governance, Coupon Control, Payment Configuration, and Site Setting with SEO metadata editing are included in this package.

API Inclusion
Trip Mega Mart has designed the greatest sites utilizing their GDS flight API Integration, hotel, bus, and car APIs. Their API is simple to create and connect with current systems. Their API allows you to develop and maintain your own bespoke travel portal using numerous providers' stocks.

Do not hesitate to contact Trip Mega Mart for their best-in-class services.

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