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American cities like Las Vegas, New York, Las Angeles, San Francisco and others feature at the top of travel bucket-lists of almost all major travel bloggers. Anyone who loves to travel internationally wants to visit America at least once in their lifetime. This has created a lot of scope for the growth of travel related businesses in the country. Over the last few years, a number of travel agencies have become major business powerhouses in the USA. But this is now the digital age and digital travel portals are taking over the market. There is plenty of opportunity for an online travel business to gain prominence now in America.

Top Benefits of Travel Portal for Travel Business

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to start travel business from home in USA then a white label travel portal is the easiest solution for you. White label travel portals are prebuilt websites with all necessary features built into them. Clients can just get them customized for their own business.

White label solutions for travel partners are also much cheaper than developing a brand-new travel website. Trip Mega Mart is the leading white label travel portal provider company in USA. Their websites come with GDS flight booking system- travel technology solution. This implies that the websites utilize the services of an API supplier to display real time flight data like ticket availability and prices. Customers can purchase their tickets directly from any airline through the travel portal, there is no need to visit individual airline websites.

Trip Mega Mart uses some of the best API suppliers in the world for their travel portals. Their websites also have hotel booking engines, car booking engines and much more which use API service.

Trip Mega Mart portals also have payment gateways built into their framework so that customers can pay for their flights, hotels, etc. This payment portal is thoroughly encrypted for the personal safety of the customer. Third party payment gateways can also very easily be integrated into Trip Mega Mart portals.

Best white label solutions for travel – B2B and B2C booking engine

Trip Mega Mart has been able to earn their reputation as the leading white label travel solution in America because of the scalability of their portals. Entrepreneurs can startup with just local scale of operations and then expand their portal’s accessibility to include international customers as well. Scalability is a very important feature for travel businesses that depend heavily on international clients for their success.

Trip Mega Mart travel portals are also optimized for quick response time and multi-device compatibility. Whether a customer is using a mobile phone or a tablet or a computer the portal performs with the same level of efficiency and speed.

Trip Mega Mart travel portal solution in USA also comes with various admin access features for the ease of business of their clients post delivery. Business owners can use the admin panel to make small changes to their website after it goes live, but there is no need or software coding skills to make such modifications.

Importance of website design for growing travel business in USA

The market for online travel portals is also growing competitive day by day. There are already a few businesses in the market offering similar services. The only way for businesses to stand out in this scenario is through their quality of service and their website design.

All Trip Mega Mart websites are delivered after customization with the business branding paraphernalia. Business owners can also pay to make additional changes to their website design to better fit the taste of their ideal customer profile.

But the most important goal of all Trip Mega Mart designers is to improve the usability and user-friendliness of their portals. Almost all Trip Mega Mart portals can be used intuitively without any prior tutorials.

This accessible interface when paired with a robust backend that can handle high volume traffic, it becomes the perfect combination for a successful online travel business. Business owners who are able to leverage their unique website design and create brand awareness can retain their customers with the help of easy to use features and functions.

White label travel portal cost – including customization and maintenance

Trip Mega Mart travel portals are generally very affordable. There are various plans with different features so that clients can get some basic flexibility in pricing. Of course, there is also the option for clients to add or remove certain features for their portal and they will have to pay accordingly.

Trip Mega Mart also allows business owners to add individual portals for travel agents to the travel business portal. The cost of this modification is very minor.

Trip Mega Mart charges their clients a 25% maintenance cost annually. This 25% is calculated based on the original price of the portal.

Most business owners are happy to pay this minor annual fee because they can earn much more from their websites. Trip Mega Mart travel portals are low investment, but can be turned into very profitable businesses with the help of some careful planning and market research. So, if you feel you can solve some new pain points of customers then it is time to contact Trip Mega Mart and get started on creating your own travel portal.

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