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Are you considering starting an international travel agency business in the USA shortly?

Whether you're already in the tour and travel sector or wish to enter it, having a travel gateway can help you get there, you're going faster and more profitably. A full Travel Portal Solution Online in USA with all services required by travel agencies (B2B Module), tour operators and tour businesses (B2C Module), as well as direct clients (B2C Module), can be found here. Trip Mega Mart is ready to assist you in meeting all of your travel portal needs.

With excellent Travel Portal Solution in USA at competitive pricing, Trip Mega Mart is the world's leading travel technology provider. It enables us to create superior software adaptable to any Travel Portal Solution requirement. Businesses may build B2B and B2C booking portals, white label solutions, and mobile apps using Trip Mega Mart. Their skilled staff provides the best solutions. Trip Mega Mart also offers white label solutions for travel B2C & B2B booking engines and white label solutions for travel partners without any worries about the cost of the white label travel portal.

Essential features a travel portal must-have.

Scheduler of Flights

The USA's airline reservation system for travel website integrates all flight searches to provide travelers with the best alternatives and generates PNRs via online booking. You may obtain immediate results and book online. The API establishes a connection between the data source and the display. It retrieves and displays data via connections to GDS, major LCCs, and full-service domestic carriers. Customers will browse the segments, select their preferred one, and pay via Payment Gateway to produce PNR. There is a search, book, and confirm API available. Create Reservations and Cancellation Reports.

Online Hotel Reservations

Hotel Booking System mixes material from several vendors to satisfy your clients' needs. The hotel API is used to obtain worldwide hotel material and specials. Real-time availability and confirmation are provided through the hotel API integration. The USA's Flight & Hotel Booking Engine for Travel Agents enables you to search through massive hotel inventories, book rooms, cancel reservations, and produce reports.

Reservation System for Buses

The Bus Booking System provides real-time information on bus availability. Clients can quickly locate all available buses. The bus API is straightforward to implement and offers additional options. The Search, Select Seat and Confirm functions are performed using a single API.

Reservation System for Automobiles

Selecting from a range of rental automobiles expedites trip planning. It's simple to reserve a rental car using an API. The auto booking API supports a variety of models in the USA, providing consumers with a selection of vehicles and pre-booking and maintaining bookings.

Management of Vacation Packages

The Inventory Management System of Trip Mega Mart enables sellers to add vacation plans, features, exclusions, terms and conditions, tour itinerary, price, and photographs to their Travel Portal. The Holiday Reservation System is entirely customizable. Add stores and holiday inventory to Holiday Booking System to display vacation products on B2C and B2B websites. These will be accessible to anybody searching for all available options and data. Additionally, it manages bookings and cancellations.

B2C Module

Clients may make self-serve online reservations and print booking confirmations. B2C end customers may review their payment reservation history and request cancellations through the Customer Dashboard. Additionally, B2C Travel Portal enables your guests to book trips directly via you. Trip Mega Mart integrates with the API, offering extra alternatives for your customers by making trip reservations available via the B2C Travel Portal, allowing users to select and purchase tickets.

B2B Module

It refers to the exchange of information between travel brokers and clients, and these websites are exclusively available to registered travel agents. The B2B Travel Portal may add or remove travel agencies at any time. It can book flights, hotels, buses, and automobiles.

Trip Mega Mart develops a B2B website with up-to-date features to assist you and your partners grow. Sub-agents have access to and usage of the B2B Portal's services.

Module for Admin

The Admin Module is responsible for the administration of your Travel Portal. You have complete control over all modules in Trip Mega Mart. Bookings/cancellations for flights, hotels, buses, and automobiles are displayed. You have complete control over your business-to-business and business-to-business clients and agents. This package includes modules A/B/C/D: Governance, Coupon Control, Payment Configuration, and Site Settings with SEO metadata modification.

Inclusion of APIs

Trip Mega Mart, a flight GDS/XML integration company in USA, has created the best websites possible by integrating their GDS Flight API in the USA, as well as their hotel, bus, and car APIs. Their API is easy to design and integrate with existing systems enabling you to create and manage your travel portal by utilizing the inventory of many suppliers.

Trip Mega Mart is your best choice if you're in the US and looking for a travel portal solution. Do not hesitate to contact Trip Mega Mart to learn more about their world-class services as the most incredible online travel portal & booking engine development solution providers.

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