GDS Flight API Integration in USA

GDS Flight API Integration in USA

One of the most effective ways to start travel agency business online in USA is to opt for a flight reservation system on your portal. This allows you to offer flight booking facilities to travelers right on your website. Travel portals with flight search engines have a much higher chance of witnessing rapid growth in countries like the USA as compared to the other types of travel portals.

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The USA is a country that finds travelers at different corners of its land. From Georgia, Florida, Nebraska, Washington to New York, California, Canada- the list of popular travel destinations in the USA is quite long. Visiting these places with airline services is a convenient option for travelers. This is what makes flight GDS integration an important component of agents seeking travel website development in USA.

What is GDS Flight Integration?

Global Distribution System (GDS) is a computerized booking network that consolidates data globally and brings them on a single platform. Flight GDS gives access to travel agents to the inventory of airlines which they can use to accept ticket booking requests from travelers. There are many companies that provide GDS on behalf of the airline companies. Travel portal developing experts like Trip Mega Mart can integrate your travel portal to flight GDS without you doing any technical task.

Types of GDS Providers

Galileo - This GDS providing company was formed in 1971 by a group of airlines other than United Airlines and American Airlines. There are thousands of travel agents that partner with Galileo for integration of flight services to their portals.

Worldspan - This GDS provider is known for their assistance to travel companies in reducing costs, earning more revenues, and increasing productivity.

Apollo - The reservation system of this GDS provider was used by United Airlines. Thousands of travel agents use the services of Apollo for smooth execution of their business.

Abacus - They are one of the market leaders in serving companies in the regions of Asia Pacific. You can connect with them for both airline and hotel reservations.

GDS Flight API Integration in USA?

There are plenty of reasons why flight API integration is the best choice when you plan to start travel agency business in USA.

● Better Deals - Access to GDS allow travel agencies to provide flight tickets to customers at attractive offer prices. Customers can avail the discounts for single or multiple ticket purchases, multiple destinations, one-way trips, as well as on round trips.

● More Revenue - When you have such advanced facilities to offer your customers as flight bookings, your scope for earning a better revenue enhances greatly.

● Customer Retention - Booking transports and knowing about their availability is a major requirement for travelers. If you let customers access the live status of airlines and reserve tickets right on an efficient portal, such as those built by Trip Mega Mart, you will not just have many new customers but will also be able to retain the existing ones.

GDS Flight API Integration Cost in USA

The cost of integration to flight GDS would partly depend on your business model. B2B websites increase the integration cost by 20 to 30%, whereas B2C websites take the cost to 10 to 20% higher. In addition to this, the search engine provider you choose would also affect the cost. Associating with popular names such as Amadeus will take your expenses to the higher side. Trip Mega Mart can build you an affordable travel portal with all the technical specifications required for a flight engine integration.

How to Obtain a Flight Reservation System in USA?

You can integrate your travel website with flight API with the help of GDS providers. Identify the requirements of your business and then search for appropriate GDS providers in your region. You might also want to consider the availability of the provider based on your business goals. Trip Mega Mart will be able to advise you on the most suitable provider for your business.

When collaborating with a GDS provider, check on a few factors.

● Cost - There are different providers with different price offers. Choose the ones that suit your budget as there would be other technical expenses to incur after the integration process.

● Requirement - Hiring the top-rated GDS providers might not be essential for your business. So, it is better to clearly define your business requirements even before you search for travel portal developers in USA.

Another way of obtaining flight reservation is collaborating with aggregators such as the flight & hotel aggregators for travel agents in USA. This will let you access the data of multiple GDS providers. This means you will have many different options to provide to your customers. Contact expert website development companies such as Trip Mega Mart for affordable white label portals that you integrate easily to GDS.

So, GDS flight integration can help you a greatin successfully setting up a travel agency business in USA. There are various providers that you choose from based on your business needs. Subsequently, the provider and the platform you opt for would decide the integration cost. You can build a user-friendly travel portal with Trip Mega Mart and easily integrate it to a suitable flight GDS.

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