Start a Travel Agency An Introductory Guide

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Tourism and travel is a huge industry in the USA. The industry contributes trillions to the country's economy and millions of employment opportunities for the citizens. Regardless of what season it is, tourists from across the world explores different parts of this country. Georgia, New York, Arizona, Illinois, Nevada, and California are some very few names from the large list of popular attractions in the USA. The land has as much scopes for travelers seeking experiences as it has for agents seeking opportunities.

If you are wondering how to make a travel website and conduct business in the USA, you can start collecting information on the basic yet essential requirements.

Start a Travel Agency: An Introductory Guide

To start travel business from home in USA, the first and foremost requirement is obtaining a license. There are specific guidelines that apply to states like California, Hawaii, Florida, Washington, and Iowa. If you are planning to base your business at these locations, then you must know the guidelines before starting off. For all other states you will need to apply to the concerned authority for a trade license.

Once you have obtained permissions to operate as a travel agent, you will need a team for an online travel portal & booking engine development solution. It is advisable to opt for reputed companiessuch as Trip Mega Mart for building your business portal. With companies that have proven experience in developing travel portals, you can be sure of getting the most out of the portal.

There are certain factors that you need to be careful about when assigning your portal development to any travel startup business consultation service in USA.

1. The team must have a flexible approach in implementing your ideas to the portal 

2. There must be technical and, if possible, business assistances available for familiarizing you to the portal and the industry after you get the project done

3. The company must have experience in developing portals for the travel industry, just as Trip Mega Mart has, so that you can be sure of an effective platform for your business

These are some of the basic travel agency business requirements which can guide you to a proper launch of your business.There are many ways that you can benefit from the development of a portal.

Top Benefits of Travel Portal for Travel Business

The benefits of white label travel portal lie in the following major areas of travel businesses.

1. Visibility - It is important for any business to have a prominent presence in the market. Portals does this for travel businesses. Online portal helps in pulling the large number of web-based crowds who, in turn, refers travelers from other sources to your company.

2. Management- Portals eases the management of travel businesses by reducing processing time and bringing every detail on a single platform. Cloud based portals allow you to view your business transactions from remote locations. You can process booking requests instantly without having to be physically present in the office.

3. Customer Service - Portals facilitate interaction with customers. Just as you can provide instant bookings, you can solve customer queries instantly from any location. You can also use your portal for keeping customers updated with upcoming events, current offers, best locations to visit in the coming season, and so on.

Essential Features A Travel Portal Must Have

Travel portals become a valuable asset for your business when it has all the features required for the proper execution of your business.

Optimized Content

Travel websites that have pleasant images are likely to attract more customers than websites that are just informative. While you must keep your web content helpful for travelers seeking information, you must also focus on adding graphics that are capable of urging travelers to make a purchase. In addition to images, the content must also be optimized to ensure maximum visibility of your brand on search engines.


People prefer typing in as few texts as possible to get their desired information. This is why your travel portal must have effective filters to narrow down the searches of customers. Some popular filter options include budget, number of guests, and amenities. You can also make use of predictive searches to help customers find information more easily. Trip Mega Mart can offer you these features for your portal.

Map Integration

The experience of customers with your travel portal can become better when the portal is integrated with Google maps. Map integration allows customers to locate the service that they are opting for on the map. This, in turn, makes it convenient to gather details about the location. Trip Mega Mart is one such white label travel portal provider company that can let you integrate your portal to maps.

So, to start online travel agency business in USA, you will need skilled individuals who can design a travel portal that is loaded with all the necessary features. With a productive portal, you can start and grow your travel business faster.

Start A Travel Agency: An Introductory Guide

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