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How to become a travel agent in USA

Every year close to 80 million international tourists visit the United States of America. Domestic travel within the 50 states of the USA also accounts for billions of trips every single year. People from all over the world want to visit Washington DC, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco and other states and cities of America to enjoy a vast variety of exciting experiences.

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So there is a massive travel and tourism market available in the USA that business owners can use to create successful travel agencies. But in the 21st scenario where digital platforms are ruling the world, these travel agencies are also shifting online. Online travel portals are coming up in large numbers and taking over the travel sector.

How to Start Travel Agency Business in USA

After you discuss with TripMegaMart on how to become a travel agent you will learn that it is now very easy to start an online travel business in the USA. Business owners can take up any white label service to create their travel portal. Trip Mega Mart is the best white label travel portal development company in the USA. They provide B2B or B2C websites with all kinds of travel related features. The websites have GDS flight API integration in USA so that the portals can display real time ticket prices and availability from a variety of sources. This allows the business owners to operate efficient flight booking engines. Trip Mega Martwebsites can use also the API service for car booking systems, tour bookings and many other necessities.

Trip Mega Mart websites also have payment portals built into them. These portals are able to process payments in a completely safe and secure manner. The payment gateways are also simple and fast responding. Trip Mega Mart developers also keep in mind to make the websites easily accessible for third party payment portal integration.

Trip Mega Mart travel website development in USA is also focused on scalability. The same websites can be used for local operations and then scaled up for international usage. The websites are also multi-device optimized meaning they perform with equal speed and efficiency on mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets or any other devices.

Another uncommon but very important feature provided only in Trip Mega Mart websites is their easy admin access. Trip Mega Mart understands that travel startups may not have the budget to hire technical professionals to maintain their portal. So they make sure that anyone with some basic computer experience who has admin access will be able to make minor changes to the website like changes in prices and tour locations.

Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in USA

Travel portal development in USA by Trip Mega Mart gives equal importance to website design alongside development of website features. Each and every one of their websites is customizable. This means that every white label travel portal template is personalized for clients with their business name, logo, branding.

The websites are also designed to be absolutely user-friendly. The goal of the web designers at Trip Mega Mart is to create websites that can be used intuitively by all kinds of people. But usability does not mean that there is no sense of aesthetics. All Trip Mega Martwebsites are carefully thought out and designed to be visually pleasing. There are interesting elements in each design. If clients want they can pay to add special customizations like color changes and layout formatting in order to make their website fit into the preferences of their target audience.

Cost to Start Online Travel Agency Business in USA

Starting a traditional travel agency in USA may be quite expensive because it involves renting or leasing out an office space and other expenses related to it. In comparison, an online travel portal is much cheaper. Among web-based platforms too, white label travel portals are much cheaper. It does not involve the full development of a website from scratch but the end result is still efficient and customized.

Trip Mega Mart’s white label website pricing is very affordable. Their portals are divided into a few different plans at different price ranges. Individual travel agent portals are also available and can be integrated into the websites at a small expense. Extra features and customizations may require a small extra fee.

But Trip Mega Mart white label websites do require a small annual fee payment. This annual fee is 25% of the website plan and covers the API supplier payment. This payment can easily be arranged by business owners if they can successfully market and establish their online travel business. Trip Mega Mart websites have all the ingredients, it is only up to the business owners to utilize those pieces and create a good business model.

The USA is a land of opportunities and in the travel sector also opportunities abound. Especially the online travel industry is still up and coming and there is immense potential for growth. So, if you are a budding entrepreneur debating about how to enter the travel market and how to become a travel agent in USA, now is the perfect time to finalize your plans and jump in before the competition gets too tight.

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