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Have you ever dreamt of visiting the glamorous casinos of Las Vegas, or seeing the bright lights of New York Times Square or sun-bathing on the beaches of California? Then you are one of the millions of people all over the world who visit the USA every year as tourists. Tourism is a major economic sector in America with significant revenue and lots of scope for growth. As the world shrinks further and further due to the spread of technological innovations, the impetus to travel and visit different parts of America is only expected to keep increasing. American entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this trend to start online travel agency business in USA.

How to start a travel portal and make money online?

Physical travel agencies are difficult to set up because they require heavy capital investment in setting up the physical office space. Online travel businesses have a much larger customer base but are much cheaper to set and can be run from one’s own home.

Trip Mega Mart is the world’s leading travel technology provider. They offer pre-built travel portal frameworks that can be customized for each and every client. The websites come with all the essential features a travel portal must have.

White label travel portal – a solution for start-ups

Trip Mega Mart offers airline reservation system for travel websites. Their websites are equipped with GDS API integration so that they can run real time flight booking engines with data from multiple airline carriers. Customers do not have to waste their time comparing prices on different sites, all the relevant data will be available to them at one source. Trip Mega Mart uses the best API suppliers in the industry for their airline reservation system. This API service is also used for booking hotels, cars and tour packages.

Customers pay for all their Trip Mega Mart white label website services with the help of a payment portal in-built in the website. This payment portal is designed to prioritize data safety of customers. Layers of encryption are encoded into the portals to ensure safe, yet quick transactions. Third party integrations of payment portals are also simple for Trip Mega Mart websites.

Trip Mega Mart is known for the best B2B and B2C travel booking portal development. Their portals are effective on mobile phones, computers, tablets and laptops. The websites have a very stable backend that is able to sustain high number of website visitors without slowing down or suffering from glitches.

There are also very useful admin access features for clients to make small modifications to the website after it goes live. Operating the admin access control features does not require any software coding skills and almost all business owners without any technical knowledge can also make the necessary changes.

Another major advantage of Trip Mega Mart websites is that the websites are full scalable- the same business that operates locally can be scaled up at any time to operate nationally or internationally. This is very important for travel businesses that are targeting foreign tourists.

What makes Trip Mega Mart the best travel portal development company?

Travel essential features may be offered by a few white label travel portal development companies. But Trip Mega Mart stands out from all the rest with the help of their unique customized website designing for all travel portals.

All Trip Mega Mart websites are delivered customized with the branding of the client brand. Clients can collaborate with the team of designers to choose the kinds of colors and fonts they want on the website. This ensures that every single Trip Mega Mart travel portal online solution in USA is 100% unique. This uniqueness is very important for business owners to market their business and create brand loyalty.

Trip Mega Mart designers also focus on making their travel portals very easy to use. The basic feature of all the websites is intuitive navigation.

Trip Mega Mart pricing plans

Trip Mega Mart white label travel portals are quite inexpensive when compared with industry standards. They cater to different budgets by offering a number of different plans at different prices.

Clients can make small additional payments for special customizations to their website features and website design. Individual travel agent portals are also available to be added to the primary travel agency website framework.

But the most important feature of Trip Mega Mart pricing plans is their annual fee. Every year clients have to pay Trip Mega Mart 25% of their original website plan cost. This cost is needed for the continuity of the GDS flight booking system and other maintenance facilities.

Trip Mega Mart white label travel portals are providing many Americans the chance to become business owners. These are very low-investment start-ups but the rewards can be lucrative with some proper marketing campaigns to bring in customers. So, if you want to start a business helping international travelers explore all the interesting spots spread across the United States, then, join Trip Mega Mart right away. Your big entrepreneurial opportunity is knocking on the door.

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