What is the Importance of B2C Travel Portal Development for Travel Agencies in USA


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The travel and tourism industry in the USA is an amalgamation of various business activities. The business activities include lodging, transportation, entertainment, retail trade, and meals. Tourism is a mature sector of the country.

Accounting for close to 3% of the US GDP, the tourism industry employs more than 5 million nationals. A travel agency has a huge opportunity to tap into this vast USA tourism market by using Trip Mega Mart travel portal for travel agents in USA.

Recent trends suggest that culture and heritage tourism are very popular with travelers to the US. Therefore it is a good time to start online travel agency business in USA with Trip Mega Mart travel technology solution for USA travel agents.

The US government’s several initiatives towards promoting this sector are supporting this trend too. A travel agency can support this trend by pitching in. Anyone wishing to start travel business from home in USA can do so using Trip Mega Mart online travel portal & booking engine development solution. The travel agency can provide differentiated services, customized tours, information, education, training, travel automation, and automation to facilitate ease of travel.

A travel agency can use its travel portal solution in USA built by Trip Mega Mart for growing travel business in USA and to manage and administer all touristic activities. Using modern future-ready travel portal development and its advantages for online travel business, the travel agency can create services that stand out from the rest.

Most visitors to the US are looking for such type of assistance. They want a reliable travel agency. One that is up and running at all times to answer their queries – either through a virtual assistant or a chatbot or with ready-made answers to questions or a live active forum or support helplines. This is one of the ways how to make a travel website and how to start a travel portal and make money online.

How can a travel agency manage culture and heritage tours using a B2C travel portal?

The importance of B2C travel portal development for travel agencies serving US tourism is manifold. Tourism is always evolving in the USA. The diversity of touristic and tourism related activities has risen. Constant changes on consumer preferences has made it administratively and operationally challenging for tour service providers to keep up to customers. One of the top benefits of travel portal for travel business is that it allows the travel agency to adapt as per changing tourism trends.

So it becomes imperative that travel agencies, travel agents, and tour operators to use a B2C travel portal and the benefits of white label travel portal to manage their customers. A portal can go a long way in helping a travel agency serve tourists in all types of tourism categories. Cultural and heritage tourism in the US is currently amongst the top touristic categories.

Cultural and heritage tourism is travel to places of culture, history, and heritage. These places represent stories, events, and civilizations of the past. It is fascinating to see these places in their present avatars. Cultural tours take tourists to places of interest, natural resources, historic sites, monuments, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, art galleries, museums, plays, musicals, theatricals, national parks, and recreational centers.

There are close to 50 heritage sites in the US. The Congress has established these places as such. The Bureau of Land Management conducts workshops on location. The Bureau also has several educational activities that visitors can participate in. The US government has realized that this is amongst the growing touristic activities in the US. As much as international travelers, even domestic travelers are going on such tours. 

A travel agency can facilitate such tours in myriad of ways using Trip Mega Mart White label Travel Portal Development for Travel Agencies in USA. It could be by providing virtual walkthroughs of all these sites. It could be by providing curated tours or integrating curate tours service providers into its travel portal. It can also be by providing guidance, guides, travel itineraries, blogs, forums, videos, online training, do’s and don’ts, and several such resources for travelers.


A travel agency’s potential to grow in the culture and heritage tourism sector in the USA is huge. The need for the hour of any travel agency is to leverage the benefits of automation built by Trip Mega Mart travel portal development company in USA to achieve their goals.

One of the aspects what makes Trip Mega Mart the best travel portal development company is its technological framework. Whether it is machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, data science, or blockchain; any and every of such futuristic technologies can be leveraged using this framework. The framework allows for building features of multi-faceted capabilities. The travel portal application can be on-premises, a mobile application, in the cloud, or a hybrid application.

What Is The Importance Of B2c Travel Portal Development For Travel Agencies In Usa

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