GDS Flight API Integration Cost in USA

GDS Flight API Integration Cost in USA

The Internet is comprised of millions of websites, web portals, cloud applications, and of course – APIs. Therefore, to start travel agency business in USA with an API-laden travel portal is the best way how to start travel agency business in USA. Short for Application Programming Interfaces, APIs are the basis on which portals operate nowadays. They are used in Trip Mega Mart travel portals to help travel agencies start international travel agency business in USA with low cost to start online travel agency business in USA. Going forward, the usage of APIs and reusing of services from third-party specialized service providers will increase.

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Now coming to GDS flight API integration in USA part, B2B White Label Travel Portal Development in USA and B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in USA firms such as Trip Mega Mart do provide these services. The GDS Flight API Integration Cost in USA can be setup at a nominal cost too. But it doesn’t end there. There could be several other integrations that could be made with a travel portal. Here are some potential ones.

E-commerce integration

A travel portal will benefit immensely with E-Commerce Website & App Development in USA services. If an Ecommerce is integrated into a travel portal, similar to GDS Flight API Integration in USA, then it gives travelers an opportunity to make the travel portal their one stop shop. That’s why there is no need to wait to integrate various types of services when setting up a travel agency business in USA. Because travelers are customers too, and everyone is looking for a one-stop shop.

An E-commerce site can be integrated similar to how flight services are integrated with a Flight & Hotel Booking Engine for Travel Agents in USA or Flight & Hotel Aggregators for Travel Agents in USA API service. Trip Mega Mart, the premier White Label Travel Portal Development Company in USA can setup these integrations or provide from-the-scratch International Travel Portal Development in USA with all these services ingrained.

The integrated E-commerce website can be one that caters to specific traveler segments, geographies, travel merchandize, travel essentials, or all or any of them, can be a great fit for integration. The integrated site can be maintained similar to how other integrated apps are maintained. It can co-exist and even exchange information with other apps.

As an example, you can use Trip Mega Mart Hotel Room Booking Website & App Development in USA and Bus Ticket Booking Website & App Development in USA to build you a hotel and bus booking feature. You can integrate this feature with the Ecommerce site. So that depending on the hotel or bus booked, the E-commerce store shows the appropriate products and services.

Even multiple Ecommerce sites can be integrated. A single E-commerce site integration is enough to churn out business. Not only will the travel agency fulfill their customers or travelers’ expectations, they can also gain commissions whenever a sale is made. This type of cross-pollination of benefits is how the business world is evolving nowadays.

Tour management service provider integration

As a travel agency you can provide a single point of entry to world of services for travelers. You are the moderator, the service selector, and guide for the travelers. As a facilitator you can easily increase your quality of services by delegating responsibilities instead of offering 360 degrees all-encompassing services, all by yourself.

This type of business model is not scalable. For instance, if your travelers want tour management, tour package services, or travel services, you can use third-party service providers. They can integrate into your travel portal. You use Trip Mega Mart Tour Package Management Website & App Development in USA for this.

Social services

Travelers always love it when a travel agency preempts their needs and provides them the services they are looking for. As an example, there could be travelers who want to find dates in a new country, so that they can meet new people. Using Trip Mega Mart Social Networking Website & App Development in USA, integrations can be made into your travel portal with social media sites.

You can even combine this activity with Salon and Beauty Parlour Website & App Development in USA, Digital Classes Website & App Development in USA, or Dating Website Development in USA from Trip Mega Mart. All of these are types of social services. Either use a ready-made portal and integrate it into the travel portal, or integrate an existing site or service providing these services.

The best way to go about this type of use-case is to use the services of this Travel technology Solution in USA company’s ready-made social media portal. You simply have to direct the travelers to the deployed site’s URL programmatically. That’s it – you have solved a unique problem for a certain segment of travelers, and they subconsciously choose you as the preferred travel agency; even spreading the world about your services.

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